A summer run over Shepherds Falls

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Shepherds Falls on the Lower Wind River is a spectacular series of waterfalls that have been rendered unrunnable by the construction of a lowhead dam just below the last falls.

Many a class V boater has shouldered their boats in frustration in the winter time, walking past a series of three perfectly runnable waterfalls that unfortunately terminate in a killer hole below the dam.

That's at regular flows. In the summer when the river level drops off and the hole below the dam is more manageable, Shephards is occasionally run by a few intrepid kayakers willing to hike their boats in to the falls.

Jon Loehrke is one such kayaker, and here are a few photos of his run over Shephards.

Jon, running the second 'stairstep' at Shepherds.

The third stair-step.

Running the lowhead dam located just below the slide pictured above.